Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stuff and Things

Hey man, I don't come over just to complain about stuff.

So yeah.

Tours are going really well this winter/spring/weirdtime. I've been really busy and it's been great. Doing lots of private tours and I really love them.

Today I took some kids 5,10,16 out with their mom and nanny. We had the best time. You know I'm scared to death of kids right?And have no idea how to "teach" right? Well these kids were badass and I loved showing them around. Smart and funny and interested and I'm getting a little better on knowing what they'll like and what to see (it's more about "showing" than talking about history and stuff, anyhoo), it was really nice.

That was after a tour over the weekend where a guy kept scoffing at me for telling him it was going to be hard to find a quiet bar on St. Patricks Day. So...

The gray hair is coming in! In some lights it looks subtle, some lights it looks crazy. But I like it! It's fun, it's something different anyhoo.

Survivor just might as well have started last week. I'm pleased we're back to playing the game, thank you.

The juggernaut...it comes, it comes slowly but it comes. I've been told to relax and it's going to take as long as it takes and then right after that to just "get it done." I agree with that, it's a little of both. But I love it still, I think about it and worry about it and picture it, so that's good.

We paid very much money in taxes. That sucks. But the important thing is WE PAID IT.

My wanderlust is strong. I want to go to Morocco very much. It is now imperative and I know there is nothing more important than making sure we get there in October. So that's kind of fun too.

Does anyone still read this thing? HI!


Erica said...

Yeah! I read it! Woop woop woop!
I think you are the awesomest.

Melisa Wells said...


Hixx said...

Yay! thanks guys.

DanIzzo said...

Yep, we're all still out here reading watchu ritin.

Hixx said...

IZZOOOOOO Oh man. Izzo. I miss thee.