Tuesday, March 27, 2012


You know our gig, out of debt by the end of the world, 2012.

Priorities change. That's what they're there for.

I've switched it up.

See, once spring hits, I get wanderlust. I've started running over in Little Vietnam (Argyle and Broadway) in the mornings. I'm up to 4.5 miles! Love running season...anyhoo...in the morning, with the weird light, the warm weather and the smells of garbage, cilantro and lemongrass - by god...it smells like Thailand.

And I get all riled up, so riled up.

So fuck it, we're going to Morocco in October. This  is now the priority.

We'll be pretty damn close to being out of debt. We pay a lot each month. I feel like we're pretty responsible about paying off our debt.

So fuck it. Who cares if we have a couple thousand in debt by December?

I need to go.

John needs to go.

I need to see my husband smile that free smile I just can't seem to get out of him here. He smiles differently when we travel.

I need it. To remember the great big world.

And I think I'm really going to dig Morocco. I'm familiar with the desert. I did spend a week out there with NOTHING except Sabrina and some beef jerky. I dig the desert.

And Morocco, well, they were dominated by the French for awhile, so you know what that means right? Cafes. Restaurants. Unlike India where there was no place to sit quietly and watch the world pass...I think in Morocco they have places to sit!

And we're also planning a trek out into the desert, to do that "tea in the Sahara" thing and sleep out under the stars with the camels.

Time to work.

We have to get to Morocco!


Kate said...

The travel smile is the BEST smile. It's my favorite smile of Brian's. I can't wait for our own trek out west this summer -- we need it so bad.

Hixx said...

YES Kate, I know you know that smile. I love it. So glad you guys are getting out of dodge too!