Saturday, March 10, 2012


I'm all so in my head these days. I come over here to write something and I get bored with myself, figure you all don't want to hear it anyway and then I go read other people's blogs.

Good news on Bamboo! We gave him to our two friends Guy and Dan, and they have taken Bamboo to get his eye fixed! Bamboo (now known as Puck) has TWO eyes! Lil guy. So amazing. The whole thing.

I've had a nice week of friendships and such. Ladies talking. I told John one morning that I feel sorry for him that he doesn't have lady to lady friendships. They're just the best. And I have said more than once that there's a certain way women laugh with each other. It's a very specific laugh/giggle and I love it.

I'm thankful for my lady friends. And my dude friends. But mostly lady.

Good tour week.


I'm so boring. I don't want to talk anymore. There's nothing to say about anything. My business, the juggernaut, it's all in this weird holding pattern even though I keep working on it. I'm the only artist in the world who takes 4 months to write a 6 minute piece.

When one is confused, it is easy for one to beat up on oneself. I'm right here. And I can't run away.

So I'm hanging in there y'all.

Just tired of hanging. Would like to stand on something.

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