Monday, February 06, 2012


Well, you would think with the addition of the kitty, a new tour I'm working on and the regular tours which are keeping me pretty busy, you'd think I'd be not thinking about the juggernaut. But I am always thinking about the juggernaut.

So, I have a starting place and I'm really excited.

The thing is, this juggernaut is also some about me personally and it's had me in touch with my brothers. See, I know very little about Dad, he died when I was 18 and you hear things second hand and think you understand and then 20 years later you're trying to write a little something something about Dad and you realize you know nothing at all.

So I've been delving into my brother's memories and photos.

One thing about Dad that I do know, is he was an inventor. He mostly invented toys but he really invented all kinds of things.

One of those things were "Shade Art." I don't really know what else to call it. But check it...first he would make a regular piece of art, like this nice Indian:

Then Dad would do this to it:

Shut up! How cool is that?

Wait check this one, weird sculpture that looks like nothing:

Whoa then it makes this?!

Pretty impressive right?

Anyhoo, I love that my "process" is bringing me closer to my family, remembering things I think I had never known, and being truly amazed by a man I didn't know very well, but as I get older, wish I had known a lot better.


Anonymous said...

BIG WOW dude! Those are amazing ! That's why you kids are all so talented! - Lisa

Hixx said...

Thanks Lis! Amazing right?