Friday, February 03, 2012


So, you could probably tell from my last post that I was ready to give the lil kidden away.

We have two friends, Guy and Dan, partners who are getting married this year. They had mentioned something early on about being interested in Bamboo. As we farted away, Dan and Guy patiently waited.

And after my mad post the other day, I let them know we were ready with a decision, it was time to give Bamboo away.

Dan and Guy came over the next night (last night) and met Bamboo, we sat in my little office (where Bamboo has been staying, um, it's MY office, see why I don't share things?) and we petted him and laughed and talked about him like he was a little boy.

And Dan and Guy stood up, I gave them a minute to talk, thinking they would probably be back Saturday if they decided to take him.

And they came out and said, yup, we'll take him right now!

BAMBOO! I was so surprised and a little sad and ALOT relieved. For a few reasons:

1. Dan and Guy is who Bamboo was meant for. I knew this as soon as they mentioned something. They are an amazing couple with no pets, they're loving and happy and this lil boy cat would just change their lives.

2. Bamboo was leaving OMG! I get my office back, I get my treadmill back (I really missed it) and I get my dog, husband, and house back.

3. As John put it, we went from having some pets, to giving one away to a family that had no pets. Now we all have "some."

John never got to say goodbye to Bamboo, he's sad about that. But the peace and quiet in this house is so loud and wonderful, I can't even tell you.

And I know, from the absolute bottom of my heart, that that little cat is going to be the most loved cat that has ever been loved and he will get so much more from being with Guy and Dan than from being with us and that our sweet pup, will get more from us.

I'm so relieved. A little sad to see him go so quick, but so so happy.

I think my stomach hurts less.

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