Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yup, I'm back.

I noticed it the other day when I woke up and Dean Richards on WGN (so it was Sunday, not that it matters, who gives an eff exactly what day it was? But that's how I know, because Dean Richards is only on Sunday) was doing a review of Chorus Line and they were playing the music and I was in the bathroom singing "One" as loudly as possible. So yeah...I'm good.

We've had a fun few days, we went to the casino yesterday, I worked real hard on Saturday (3 tours!), today I hung out with my friend Melisa in the 'burbs. It's been a really nice couple of days.

And I love the winter! BRING IT. I have warm coathatshoeglove and I'm totally happy with the cold weather and cozy blankets.

I feel good. I feel motivated. I feel ready to kick all of your asses and you're all on my side, so imagine what I'm a gunna do to the other half? Hmmm?

I'm doing it!


Melisa Wells said...

You're doing it! haha


Hixx said...

It's now Wednesday. And I'm still full too. That was the best.