Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fear. Eat it.

The Hixx is not so much fun when the Hixx has to do something she doesn't want to do. That's the truth.

A few months back in a fit of anger I set up a tour for the "Chicago Greeters." They're through the Dept of Cultural Affairs and they're really great. You can set up a tour with a Greeter and get a FREE tour. And it can be private and it can be anywhere you want to see - Chinatown, Greektown, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park - whatever. They're a great group of people and it always amazes me that you can seriously get free tours.

I don't talk it up much, for obvious reasons.

But I learned that it's pretty normal to give Greeters a tour of what you do and so I set it up, to show them the pedway.

And about on Monday...I started getting nervous about it. Someone had told me they had "done" the pedway tour before (hello competition, I'm eating you!) and I thought they would all know about it and be judging me. Sometimes it's not easy to give tours for other guides, you gotta be REAL careful what you say because you know there are 10 people who know too.

But generally, giving other guides tours is pretty fun and I always LOVE going on other people's tours and I don't get judgy at all and I just like hearing how they tell a story, etc.

So anyway, I've been hating this all week. Hating it.

And that my friends, is fear talking.

Today I made John wish me luck, I secretly hoped they would all forget.

And it was great. So great. I saw an old friend, I made some new ones. The Greeters were awesome and adorable and happy to hear about the pedway. I didn't give a tour tour, but showed them how they can use the pedway to give their own tours on crappy days.

And they liked it. We laughed. They taught me things in a totally kind and nice way.

And it felt great. There may have even been a REALLY good connection or two made. So.


Eat your fear, seriously. Whatever I was so afraid of seems ridiculous at this point.

Eat your competition for breakfast, eat your fear for lunch and eat something yummy for dinner.

Entrepreneurial advice here everyone.


Hendo said...

Did that client of mine and her friend come out for your tour yesterday?

Hixx said...

Um, no I don't think so! I only had 3 and they weren't them...maybe next week?! Thanks for recommending me Hendo!

smussyolay said...

Everyone keeps telling me I should be a greeter. And all I can think is: 1. YES! I *would* be an amazing greeter and 2. Do I really need ANOTHER thing that I devote myself to that I don't get paid for?!??!?