Friday, January 13, 2012

Passing it

like a kidney stone my friends.

I swear all I needed was some freaking winter up in this bitch.


Today was really the first day in a long while where I had no responsibilities except to work on Chicago Elevated stuff and only that. No cleaning houses, no shopping, no nothing....just work, and my brain.

And it feels great.

I'm at the coffeeshop now, my orange tea by my side and a mountain of things to work on.

One thing...

Stupid exercise.

It's so stupid and I love it.

It's dumb, but it's the one thing that consistently makes me feel good. This morning, with the snow on the ground and the cold temps (it's not even THAT cold, actually, it's really pretty outside if you're layered up like the Hixx) I got on the treadmill and ran and walked and ran and listened to my music and I got all sweaty and I'm in my shorts and it's all snowy outside and it just always makes me feel better.

Stupid exercise.

If you feel like shit and feel badly and wintery and awful, do it...get sweaty, listen to your favorite song, go down in the pedway and do some mall walking, shit I don't know, do videos from you tube, go slow, tell yourself you only need to just walk today - that will change once you get whatever it takes I tell you.

Anyway, I'm feeling better, I really think I am.

Bring it on winter, I can take it....shit...I want it.

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