Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I just can't....

tell you guys how awesome you all are.

I've gotten sweet emails and kind words from so many people. It makes me feel silly (because, guh, just because) but it makes me feel so awesome to know so many sweet people are out there thinking of me. Thank you all very much. Truly.

I know people will probably think I'm nuts and I'll probably think I'm nuts tomorrow, but I'm kind of aching for winter. I want it to be freezing and awful outside. This perpetual sunshine is making me crazy!

You can't have good without bad, you can't have yin without yang and you CANNOT have spring without winter. Without winter, there is no relief on that first bright day in April (May, okay June). Spring's release comes from winter's hold and ....


One happening that has cracked me up in the past few months is that I am now a Board Member! I AM A BOARD MEMBER. THE HIXX! I'm really excited about it, I'm on the board of the Greater South Loop Association and tomorrow night is my very first board meeting. My sweet husband got me a notebook special for my BOARD MEETINGS.

So tomorrow night as I make my way to the south side, icicles hanging off my face, swearing about how freaking cold it is, I hope that's the very thing that kicks me right out of my head and places me back in the present moment.

Thank you to my sweet friends and family and know that I'm just fine, I really am. It's doldrums, but I'm moving and working and writing and exercising and doing my best to delve into this thing, feel it, and then let it go.


wafelenbak said...

Hang in there Hixx!! I have been thinking of you even if I didn't have a chance to comment.
I am totally with you about the weather. As a born and bred midwestern girl, I seriously believe my body and mind use this time of year to go into a subtle hibernation and hit the reset button. I'm looking forward to the snow and cold too, if only for some internal sense of normalcy.

smussyolay said...

Well, you got your winter, sister!! Can I say how envious of you I am sometimes? For a lot of reasons, but a lot when you talk about how you and John are. Just so great. I definitely want what you guys have. Kudos.

Hixx said...

Thank you Waflen for the kind words. And thank you for understanding what I mean about winter and that's EXACTLY what I mean. It's quiet time, regrouping time...exactly.

Smuss, it helps. Husbands are nice, but like everything else, comes with it's own sets of issues too. It's hard to let myself be in a bad mood when I have someone I live with who now has to experience it too. you know?

BUT YEAH WINTER! I'm so glad. I love it. And I'm even out in it and I still love it!