Friday, January 20, 2012

Lucky Bamboo

Well, it's been a big day.

First off, we paid off one of our credit cards today. A nice big balance and we paid it off. Feels really good. We have one more with a  not too bad balance and then a few tax issues (we're on a payment plan, it's all on the up and up) and we're getting there.

And...John found a kitty.

He was out walking Buddy this morning and heard her crying. He looked under a car, saw a lil black and white kitty, blind in one eye (it's all blue and crazy looking). He tried to get her but couldn't with the dog. He came running in the house, threw a blanket at me and told me to go get her...the snow storm coming and all. Then he said "if you can get her, we're keeping her."

So I ran out of the house, walking around with a blanket and I found her under a car. Like, right under the middle. I couldn't get her! I looked around for help, she ran to another car. I tried to coax her out with old dog food, that didnt' help.

I finally got her to come close and I grabbed her! She was shivering shivering lil girl.

I'm pretty sure I heard this same cat last night and have seen flashes of her. Well...we got her.

She's a kitten, maybe 3 months? She's eating, she's playful, she's sweet as a button.

We're taking her to the vet tomorrow.

If John can handle it allergy-wise, we'll keep her hopefully, and if Remo doesn't eat her. If it's just not conducive, we'll keep her as long as we need to to get her to a nice home.

We always said Bamboo was such a cute name for a cat or dog. Well, let me introduce you now to Lucky Bamboo:

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