Monday, January 23, 2012


The word on everyone's lips is: Bamboo.

Just took him to the vet and they fell in love with him. I took him in a cardboard box with holes in it so Bamboo could breathe. We figured it out.

When Bamboo got in to our regular vet, they were all waiting for him, to see the lil kitty that survived. They took him out of his box, took pictures of him, ooooh'd and aaaaaah'd.

When we got in with our Dr., Bamboo really turned it on. So patient and purring when the doctor gave him a few shots. The Dr. was like, "what is up with this cat? Most of them do not purr when I give them meds." Lil Bamboo, that's just the kind of kitty he is. He loves ALL people. He loved the vet tech, the vet, me...his lovey dovey has nothing to do with us saving him. He loves everyone.

The vet said no fleas, no mites, that he looks clean and healthy (also no chip). She even said his blind eye might be able to be fixed. It looks sort of like eye skin pulled tight over it, so we (or whomever!) may be able to get that operated on fairly easily and Bamboo might have a perfect eye!

They took him out to do some work on him and when the vet tech brought him back in, Bamboo was sound asleep in his arms. The vet tech was holding him like a baby and Bamboo was out, out to the world. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. The vet tech looked at me and said "this really is one awesome cat" and I said I KNOW I KNOW! He could barely put him down.

On the way out (many dollars later, but what are you going to do, not get him checked out?) everyone was cooing some more and I put Bamboo back in his box.

After I paid and was heading out the door, the vet tech comes running out with a cat carrier! They just gave it to me, so sweet.

So we wait for the tests to come back tomorrow and everything is alright we'll introduce the kitty and doggy and we'll see what happens from there. But if we can't keep him, it's okay, we already have a few people very interested in Bamboo and the vet told me if we had any trouble finding a home to give her a call because this cat was just too awesome.

SO! Bamboo is most likely healthy and well and warm, next step...

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