Monday, January 09, 2012


I think.

I'm tired of being a buzzkill.

I'm going to try something. I'm going to try doing what it is I'm supposed to be doing. Like working, writing, laughing, smiling....see if that helps.


How are you guys? What is up?

Okay, we started watching Homeland. It's pretty good. It feels A LOT like 24. A lot of similarities I think. There are some plot holes and stuff we question here and there (it's been 3 days lady from V, give the guy a break) but now that it's getting hot and heavy, it's getting pretty good.

I finished all the Hunger Games books and agree with my brother, the first one is the only one that really matters, but they're all addictive and we all know they're like...the Flowers in the Attic books but set in a creepy setting right? The writing is SO similar to VC Andrews and the drama and Katniss is MIGHTY close to the character of Cathy. I can't help it.

I also finished My Life in a Harem by Jill Lauren. That was SO trashy and so good. She lived in Brunei for a year or so and it's awesome and totally now connects to Homeland, which is too weird.

I'm now reading the Jon Krakauer book where he goes after Greg Mortenson for 3 Cups of Tea, which I ready and Krakauer basically rips the whole truth apart and it's kind of awesome.

I'm in the middle of Game of Bones (woot, sorry, in our house it's called Game of Bones) Game of THRONES and it's totally good and just like the tv version. They did an amazing job of recreating that story. Maybe even better than Peter Jackson. Maybe.

So, I'm reading a lot, totally stuck on writing but I continue little bits at a time to keep on going. Luckily for me my director is back home....I need her.

I'm working it.

It's fine.


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