Thursday, December 01, 2011

I'm so freaking hot

So, I don't know, maybe it's begun.

The past few nights I've been waking up SWEATING (I originally wrote SWEARING, which is actually true as well) a lot. Like, my face is covered in sweat and the's kinda gross.

Is it?

It's almost time, I mean, it's about time for something to maybe start thinking about happening, you know, with the uterus and the loss of my femininity.

Just kidding, I never had that much to begin with.

But as we grow older, we learn words like "perimenopause," the pre of the loss of womanhood.


But I'm 41, "they" certainly say that perimenopausel (sp?) things can start happening right around now.

Ew. I know.

And I'll tell you what, I've never been a woman with a lot of troubles in that area. My monthly visits are generally pretty standard, a little cramping, but what the heck, more reason to lay on the couch. I've never had problems on or off the pill and it's just not something that's ever really bothered me.

 I plan on that continuing.

It's not a problem that I'm growing older, it's really not. I work hard on this being as natural and awesome as possible.

But I haven't thought about this aspect of it this much and I think what I'm most concerned with actually, is just being uncomfortable. I don't like being uncomfortable. I'm a great sleeper, I  LOVE sleep, I don't want sleep to become obnoxious for me.

It's all falling apart folks, soon I will be come an invisible middle-aged woman with wonky hormones and sweat on my moustached lip. I will complain loudly of the heat and lose all sense of my identity because I've lost the only real thing that makes me different from my hairy, yet handsome, husband.

Or ...  maybe it's just too many blankets on the bed.


Melisa Wells said...

Yeah, I'm going with that last statement. :)

Hixx said...

Thank you. Me too. I've decided.