Monday, December 05, 2011


That was a weird weekend.

John arrived home Thursday night sick as a doggy. When my spouse is sick, everything kind of goes into this weird suspended time. Friday I had tours, etc. and when I got home he was passed out on the couch, dead to the world. I figured it wouldn't be the WORST time for karaoke.

Saturday more tours and went to do some work, I got home and John was passed out on the couch, dead to the world.

I stayed, we watched TV for hours. We're watching Boardwalk Empire and it's just so awesome.

Yesterday I went to see my mom, man, she's still real weird. I don't know, it's about time she could be fading a little bit (in March it will be EIGHT years that she's been lying in that bed, I'm surprised she hasn't lost it yet). She's just kind of loopy and out of it and I said to John that maybe she's starting to move on her way out, which I know is totally heretical of me, but this would actually be an okay thing. Mom's been stuck this way for a long time, we love her, but we all hope for release for her as well.

I said to John "Watch, her downward spiral is going to take YEARS." Guh. To just watch mom kind of fade away for the next two years is not really the way I'd choose to do this, but alas, she's still pretty funny when you can get her focused and she's still mom.

ANYWAY, I got home and napped and then, and then, and THEN we went to a wedding ceremony of a gal John works with.

She's Pakistani. Her husband is Romanian.

This was one of the most amazing wedding celebrations/receptions I've ever seen ever.

Indian women in full-on saris which are just so attractive really, especially the fancy wedding ones.

But the Romanians were AMAZING. The men are all tall and swarthy and dark and scary looking.  They're totally handsome and cheesy and scary and sexy. The Romanian women were almost the same, but they're wearing REALLY short dresses and huge boobs and tons of makeup and no shame and the men are all standing out in the hallway like they're getting ready to have a shootout and the women are  in the bathroom changing their clothes for the next event. The Indian women are in the bathroom rewrapping their saris and the whole thing was just crazy and fun and bizaare.

And although John and I were very excited to see what Romanian/Indian food looked like, we ended up with the rubber chicken and and shapely mashed potatoes.

Somethings shall never change.

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