Thursday, October 20, 2011


Almost a week since my last confession.

I have sinned oh Lord have I sinned!

I really haven't actually.

So, let's see, news....

The Pedway Tour got a nice mention in the Wall Street Journal! That was nice, press is ALWAYS nice, nothing ups my attendance than a nice mention in a newspaper. I still have people that come from the Sun-Times article in May.

So for those of you keeping track: I have been in:

The Guardian
The Wall Street Journal
The Sun-Times
The Chicago Tribune

Not bad for a girl that no one noticed while she stood on stage half drunk trying to be funny eh?

I'm pleased, right in time for the pedway tour to pick back up. S'great.

I'm now 1.5 weeks away from being done with the summer tours. As you know, I'm both excited and horrified. I spend my days wishing I had more time and then when I have more time I get very nervous. It is really hard to watch your work sinking away, but the truth is, I have some private tours set up for November, people are noticing the pedway again and it's time for another full on press dump for it too.

Home life is good.

I always say I hate winter but goddamn do I cozy up to cozy real quick. The dog...the dog totally knows what up. He spends the summer sleeping on the bed, he spends the winter sleeping on whatever blanket happens to be wrapping my body at the moment.

Last night during the really gross part of the day, with the wind and the rain and the darkness, Remo ran outside, pooped, peed and ran back to the house.

I love my dog.

And my husband. He's so frakking warm it's ridiculous.

The joy of coming to our warm, clean house after a day of traipsing in the cold and rain is just so massive, I'm kidding myself if I said I hated winter. The beauty of winter is coming home.

So things are good. My mind races, I'm reading like a maniac, I'm seeing lots of friends, I'm preparing to write (heh) and Survivor is just awesome this time around.

That'd be it.


smussyolay said...

survivor's not on yet, is it? i finally watched that effing show last time and i just don't know ... man, i hated it. i mean, i fell for it, because i'm a reality tv slut, but man, i hated the game. i really did. and therefore, i ended up hating the player, too.

you watch amazing race, right? that's just so much more my speed. those snowboarders? man, could you love them any more?? LOVE THEM.

Hixx said...

Yes! It's on! You should watch. It's REAL GOOD this season.

And yeah, I love the Amazing Race and the snowboarders are cruising through. I swear half the battle on that game is ENJOYING it.