Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I don't know what's up

but I cannot stay away from the scary movies this season. And not even the new ones, but the old ones, the classics.

About two weeks ago, after John fell sound asleep on the couch, I stayed up and watched The Shining for the 90 millionth time. Still scares me every time.

John and I watched Paranormal Activity last weekend (I've seen 'em both before, waiting to see the 3rd one) and then last night, I turned out all the lights...got the dog on my lap, and watched Halloween and then right after I did Carrie.

Carrie I've seen 70 million times.

They're just so good.

I can't stop.

I'm getting ready to watch The Exorcist right now actually.

I figure I get a little downtime as my season comes to a close (comes to a close my butt, in some smooth moves I have tours almost all next week, but still, that's kind of awesome). I haven't done much sitting on my butt this summer, so I'm kind of enjoying this winding down part.

Movies. Movies and more movies. Scary ones please.

Any suggestions? I've seen a lot, but lemme hear you.


Anonymous said...

The Room is a great movie. Very sexy.

Hixx said...

You are very funny Anonymous, very funny.