Thursday, October 06, 2011


Ooh I'm so deep, because this post is about Steve Jobs and actual jobs. So I'm real cool.

The 3 most important people in my life right now are struggling with their lives, namely, their jobs. Each one of them complains (or vents, is that a nicer word? No, because the right word is complains) about their work. I am not complaining about them complaining.

But it's fascinating to me that each one of them is going through the exact same thing. They're each trying to figure out how to get out of it, but still stay loyal to a company that's been good to them. They're each trying to figure out how to get out of this problem with the least amount of change, the least amount of pain and the least amount of .... unknowing.

I try and help, but I'm no good anymore at this, I mean, I'm lucky. Sure, I started my own business and got out of the race (THANK GOD) but I had support, I had John, who could support me while I did this. Although, when I think about it, when I started Chicago Elevated neither one of us had jobs, so...I did start with nothing. But I am lucky that I've been able to follow my wish while having a nice cozy cushion to fall back on.

I realize most people don't have this, especially if they are single, they can't just quit their jobs and sign up for life! you know?

But, there is always a way.

I find their stories interesting, I watch them talk themselves into staying in their jobs, I watch them tell the personal myths that keep us all so stuck. I watch them unconsciously enjoying the pressure of a job they hate. And trust me, I'm not putting them down, like I said...3 most important people in my life....but I do see the traps they've set for themselves. The impossibility of a way out, the shaking of the heads when another option is presented...

And the frustration, so much frustration.

And each one of them is working it out, going up and down, in and out, mulling it over in their heads, playing with the options, the fears, the securities and the insecurities of it all.

And then there's Steve Jobs, who I think changed the world more than anyone ever. He changed the whole world. And in that commencement speech, when he talks about everyone else's dogma, and living someone else's life and how ridiculous it all is - it just amazes me what we are all capable of, and if there was some way to make sure that we all could do what we were good at, what we loved, oh my god how much more enjoyable it would all be.

I stand firmly behind my three people, I listen and nod and gently (or sometimes not so much) urge them to stop being so afraid, to take a chance and find a way to make it happen. Changing your life is not bad work, but it is hard work and I love them all so much for wanting something different. I love them for being frustrated.

Those are good signs.

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