Monday, October 10, 2011


First of all, if you're a person like I am, a person with very few quantifiable skill sets, please check out Chris Guillebeau today. He's so awesome.

Breaking Bad?

I went to the theater twice last week with Sabrina. It helps to have a box office manager for a best friend. We went to see Carrie Fisher's Wishful Drinking and The Great Fire at Lookingglass.

Carrie Fisher was awesome. She was beyond awesome. She was fantastic. Sabrina and I have a nasty habit of leaving shows at intermission, it's a thing. But no way were either one of us going anywhere during Wishful Drinking's intermission. No way. We were at that theater for 2.5 hours and never once thought of leaving. She is hilarious, smart, self-deprecating, a total professional and a complete inspiration. Everyone in the audience giggled and this was a huge audience. How one woman could handle that whole theater, really inspiring.

We also saw the Great Fire, which was also inspiring, although for different reasons. It was not my favorite. I mean, I realize, I can be one of the "harder" audience members to convince here, but it was really chaotic and all over the place and I loved the idea of the Fire as a character, but...if I was a tourist, I would have been really confused I think and absolutely positive that Mrs. O'Leary did it...

Anyway, this is good for me, to see other people's art. To see it live and in the theater, to study it and wonder about it.

Learning what I don't want is just as important as knowing what I do.

Tonight I go to an architecture lecture for Chicago Ideas week, Wednesday I go to my first National Tour Guides Association meeting, I have another lecture tomorrow night...

It's getting there folks.

The other day, as I walking to a tour, with my laptop in my backpack so I could get some writing done later - I asked myself, "if you could do anything with your days, what would it be?" and in sort of a complaining tone to myself, I answered "I just want to write and give tours."

Heh. This is exactly what I was going to do.

I crack myself up sometimes.

Carry on.

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