Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Well, it happened! My brother got married.

It was awesome.

I've known his wife(!) for almost 15 years, she's an improviser, I met her in my first few days doing improv. She went to Amsterdam for many years, when she came home a few years ago she started hanging out again. I brought my brother to a New Year's Eve party....and that was it. It was immediate. I've never seen it that immediate before. To watch this happen before my eyes was amazing.

It was like...OH! Of course Rachel. Yes. Of course. Perfect.

So they got married on Sunday in Oak Park and had a big ole bash at a restaurant downtown. It was really fun and sweet and awesome. Lots of emotion this time around. Mom bawled like a child. Seriously. It was kind of excellent.

I'm quite pleased. And of course, I have no pictures. I swore I was going to be awesome about pictures and I just wasn't. So lame.

The hulabaloo is over, the brothers have gone home...it's weird, I miss them already.

A few more weeks of tours, then it all ends. So strange.

Things change. Change is good. More change. Bring it on, I'll eat it for breakfast.

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