Monday, September 12, 2011

Did it

Well, I did it, I got past 9/11 without any blog post or anything like that. That's fine, I have miles to say about 9/11, like everyone, but...

I spent my day giving tours of beautiful buildings in the prettiest city in the world and stuffing my face with Vietnamese food, and that was perfect.

I'm trying to be more adult about my business. That's the new thing. I just filled out my application to take credit cards! WOW! After two years in business, I'm really moving forward right? I also will be raising my ticket prices next year (because now I have to pay for all these fees to take credit cards, hurumph, there's still something about keeping my tix price low, taking cash only and moving forward with that, but let's face it, everyone orders things from the internet and I'd hate to think even one person was turned off by not being able to, so...) I have to start becoming like my competition, which I hate.

But like Dan Izzo said, it doesn't matter whether I hate it or not, or believe in it or not, it matters whether my customers do and if this specific change that I hate will bring more customers in, then it doesn't matter about MY opinion on it.


He's right. I know he is.

I am an entrepreneur, it's time I act like one - now that I can actually spell that word correctly.

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