Thursday, September 08, 2011

Okay, well that was....something

So, I had a day I've been dreading. A bus tour.

Bus tours? Not so much my thing. It's just, I like to take my time, stop - talk about things, answer questions, look at it again, look at the building across the street, talk about what happened and then look at the building again.

On a bus tour it's like, you get one sentence to say something about something. It's hard.

So I had 50 folks from a retirement community and we did a walking tour of Old Town, then lunch at Twin Anchors (yum), then on the bus for a tour of Lincoln Park.

I had another guide to help with the walking tour part and that was fine, mostly, until I got in trouble for not going into the church I talked about. Whoops. Never even occurred to me honestly. That's what I get for being raised by a religiously lazy mother and an atheist father. Heh.

And lunch was nice and everyone was nice and the bus tour turned out *okay* even if the bus couldn't get down the main street I wanted to go down (guh), I know, this is how I learn things. I get that. And not ALL tours are going to be fabulous or even easy, and this really was one of the first bus tours I've ever done, at least planned by myself, so I guess there was a lot of room for mistakes.

I get all that.

It just feels kind of poopy, mostly because I want everyone to be happy with my services! And they were, don't get me wrong, we had a good time - but I wanted it to be better.

ANYWAY, outdoor tours end on Halloween. I've loved this summer, working my ass off, walking all the time, worrying and laughing about tours, but I'm looking forward to the quiet times. I have a shit ton of work to do, many many things to work on and I'm looking forward to hanging, working, writing - all that stuff.

Oh, and I didn't mean that about wanting drama. Guh. No drama. Kaythanks.

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Anonymous said...

Too late.

Drama begun.