Friday, September 16, 2011


I'm so confused.

This is the one thing about this business, there's just not that many people to ask questions of. I have one guy that helps me out quite a bit, but other than that, I really fly by the seat of my pants.

Setting myself up for credit cards is either - really hard and contracts and bullshit - but a really pretty thing to put on my website with a calendar and pretty tour bells and whistles


I can use Eventbrite or something - with no bells and whistles, no calendar, but no contracts, no redtape, no scary adult things...

I'm so confused.

And I think I'm nervous about winter. I like having a business that goes up and down with the season, it's actually making me look forward to winter in a way, it's a whole different time for me, more writing, more computer, more administrative work.

But guh, it's hard to watch the tours die. I have a busy week next week and calendar is empty - no reservations, no private tours, no nothing.

It's kind of a identity crisis.

But it's normal, it's going to happen, it happens to EVERYONE in this business, but it's still weird. It makes me nervous.

In a not evil way at all, I've been asking myself this question: What would you do to answer this question if you had NO ONE at all to help you.

No John to help with marketing materials, no brothers to help with websites, no other tour guides to ask for help, what would I do if it literally was just me? And this actually has been great for me in finding my own answers and making my own decisions whether they be good or bad. When I ask myself this question, an overriding answer always presents itself.

I think it did just now too.

Why don't I try the easy one with no contracts, no obligations? Why would I not try that one first and then see what happens? If I don't like it...I keep on the more complicated, yet prettier, path.

Thanks lil blog.

(that one was for you Melisa!)

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Melisa Wells said...

hahaha! Thanks, lil Margaret! :)