Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So much

Well, I had nothing to say now I have lots.

Going with the easy solution on the credit cards, I'm going to try Eventbrite, that's the next thing on my list. Just so's you's all's knows.

Oh my mom, just before I got to her home to visit her yesterday she tried to get something to show me and fell out of her wheelchair. She hit her head, really hard. I arrived about 2 minutes after the fact. She was crying, she was so upset, mostly that she had put a crimp into our afternoon. We went to the hospital because she wasn't feeling well and mom and I sat in the emergency room for a few hours. She's fine, but it was...upsetting. But it's okay, she's fine and it's not even that bruised, which is good because my brother is getting married in two weeks!

I have not been on twitter or facebook in a few days. I don't know what's going on. I don't know if it's because I've had other work to do and I just haven't looked or what, but I'm not feeling so sharing lately and I dunno. It's weird. I love twitter. I love facebook. But I just can't bear it right now. We'll see what happens but if it's in my cards to kind of let those things go, then so be it.

I'm giving a Boystown Tour here in a few minutes. SO WEIRD. I have not done this since last summer and I generally don't think about it, but looking back over it and relearning it, dammit, it's a good tour. I hated it for awhile because of it's failure rate, but doing it again tonight...I'm looking forward to it. Such a great neighborhood, such a great history, such a pretty night.

John is out of town working on his own creative project. I've definitely gone out of town without John on a number of occasions, Burningman, Vegas, that kind of thing, but John has never really done it. It's so weird. Where is he? Why is he not there? But my man set me up, at home there is homemade ice cream, mini-Charleston Chews, a burger, a hot pretzel...everything I could ever need. He's the best.

Oh, it's also our anniversary today! 3 years. For some reason neither I nor John is crazy about celebrating our anniversary. I mean, we're both happy and it's fun to think about...but neither one of us gets too bent out of shape about it. So...we'll celebrate it...sometime.

That's about it.


Melisa Wells said...

Happy anniversary!

And what a guy: setting you up w/ provisions before leaving town! Sweetheart.

Hixx said...

Yay! thank you, and yes, total sweetheart. 2nd box of Charleston Chews, here I come!

Erica said...

Happy anniversary! Gosh, your wedding feels like it was last year. Remember how Crescent split her dress like 5 minutes after we left the dock? God bless that lady who fixed it after the ceremony!

DGold said...

Happy Anniversary. I want homemade ice cream. That Boystown tour was awesome. You are pretty.

rachelle said...

Aren't you watching Survivor!??!

PS Happy Anniversary!