Monday, June 20, 2011


Tonight, finally, after weeks and weeks, I get to hang out with my best friend Sabrina.

She's been so busy doing her good work at Second City, I haven't really gotten to talk to her in weeks. I'm real excited.

Things are good here, I feel like I should be posting here more, but I'm boring even myself and I have to say the word "tours" one more time I'm going to flip a lid. Not that I'm tired of them, but I'm tired of talking about them, "tours" and "the book."


In a good way people, in a good way.

I went through a small crisis last week, sure that I didn't know what else to do and that it was all just going to fall apart, and then I had one of those nights when I like in bed and think, "wait, I know exactly what to do."

Maybe I just don't wanna!

One thing I have to keep doing is communicating with the concierge. This is not easy. There's so many hotels, so many concierge and they all have their favorites and it's tough breaking in. But they can't book a tour if they don't have the info, so I've been going to each hotel and giving them their awesome info sheet my husband made. Sometimes it's fine and they seem interested and excited and sometimes I feel like a tiny little worm ruining their day.

But so be it.

It's great for honing my elevator speech, cause you only get a few minutes of their time, so you better be right on.

So I'm re-motivated.

Don't mess with me folks. For serious.

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