Thursday, June 16, 2011


How does this happen? One day it's Sunday and I'm happily typing away and the next day it's Thursday and I'm looking at blog saying, what the eff? Wasn't it just Sunday?

Man, the one thing about running your own business is you just never know what's up. You never know when money is coming and when it isn't. I look at my calendar and freak out and then get 5 phone calls in a row and everything is okay again.

One thing I think people forget sometimes and I realize this is first world problems and all that, so bear with me, but one thing I've been wrestling with lately is really, how hard it is to put myself out there on a constant basis.

In my past jobs, I never had to put myself out there. I would slink in and hide at my desk and do my best to not be out there, but writing books and giving tours and waiting for reviews and media and ...

It's hard. Sure, I'm awesome, but it's a constant stream of people not showing up, of the phone not ringing, of waiting for someone else, of being terrified sometimes that I'm just not awesome enough.

This may sound like whining, hell, even writing this is weird. But I want you all to love the people in your life that are creating something for themselves. It may seem easy, or better, or like they have greener grass, but the truth is, this is hard - and there's no one to rely on but yourself and no one to blame but yourself (and no one to pat on the back but yourself) but if you know someone that created and is running their own business, give them a hug, tell them they're awesome, tell them they're doing great and they're brave and strong and true, because chances are they only have themselves telling them that and they're living off that.

That's all really.


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Melisa with one S said...


Keep going. The world is a better place with Margaret out, front and center. ;)