Wednesday, June 01, 2011

In and Out!

I think I covered my Memorial Day weekend quite expertly over at Chicago Elevated, but suffice it to say it rained on every single tour I had, no one showed up to my book signing, and it was the greatest weekend ever.

So, phew, I'm really glad the "firsts" are out of the way. Love it.

Now it's time to settle into working this summer, it's weird of course. My new Wednesdays are a tour in the morning and one in the afternoon, on a day like today, that's pretty alright in my book.

It's weird giving tours, I'm out most of the day, this treasured blogging time, or work time or any of those times are just not that available to me anymore, I'm out, I'm walking, I'm on my bike, I'm giving tours, I'm just not at my computer.

In a way this is causing me great alarm. I have much to do and it very often takes place at my computer.

But the tours are the thing, so I can't forget that actually GIVING them is what's going to push this baby along.

Thank goodness for the iphone eh?

So I have not much to say, learning to settle into the new schedule (one day off a week if tours are booked, IF tours are booked) and trying to figure out how to take care of all the things I used to take care of, now with a busier schedule. (Said like Shedule please)

Quiet and a little intense right now, but good.

Sunshine could save the world.


Hendo said...

Well, I'm sorry your tours went teats-up, but I'm glad you and John (JOHN CAME OUT!) were at my last BBR show... I had a blast, and I hope you did, too!

Hixx said...

Hendo we had a great time! I laughed and laughed and totally made my weekend. You should be mighty proud!