Sunday, June 05, 2011


Lest we forget how everything in one's life can change on a dime....I shall tell you the story of me falling down. Yay!

I was in the Cultural Center working, all involved, and I went to stand up and my foot had fallen asleep. I stood up then crumpled to the ground in a puddle. It was embarassing! And I was really shocked, last thing I expected eh?

Then I managed to stand up and sit back down and my ankle had turned. It hurt like a bitch, so I sat there for a minute, realized I was okay and started walking.

I was fine really, my ankle felt weird but it didnt' hurt that much. It swelled up like a balloon, like a golf ball on the side of my ankle, but essentially, it's totally okay. Don't even feel it today.

But it scared me! Like these things can do. One trip, one mistake and I break my ankle and no TOURS EVER FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! I realize it's not this dramatic, but still.

I also, in some ways, enjoy the forced quietude of hurting oneself not too seriously. I went to dinner with Pretty Erica that same night and I walked there, but I walked slowly, mindfully (I didn't want to trip again) and didn't rush myself, I left plenty of time to walk there, it's just about thinking ahead. I'm always rushing from one to the next these days, a forced quiet time was kind of nice.

Anyway, I truly believe that's what grace is. It's not an innate thing that one has or does not have, all grace is, is taking the extra few minutes to be mindful, and purposeful, and graceful.

Things are good though, I'm not going to lie, my tours are not full every day (some days I don't even have one...some than some days) but that's alright, as long as I keep moving forward....


At least it's nice outside. No complaints. Back on the bike.

For the love of god people, would you get a bike and get on it? I realize not everyone has my sensibilities, but GET A BIKE. It's like heaven. Sure, it can be scary too, but the BIKE, THE BIKE is the greatest invention of all time.

Get on your bike, feel the breeze, be mindful, be graceful, take the time to be purposeful, once the mind strays...anything could crumpling to the ground in the Cultural Center.


Melisa with one S said...

Oh my gosh, that sucks! I'm glad you didn't break anything though.

That's why I don't ice skate anymore, or ski: the fear of hurting myself so I can't work out.

Of course, now maybe I should be afraid of sitting in one place and then getting up? :) (I KID.)

Great post. I'm going to think about Grace today. I need to get a little of that.

Hixx said...

Seriously, I've been testing my foot every day since! Just to make sure it's not asleep. heh.