Thursday, May 26, 2011

What am I doing?

It's 9:07PM and I'm sitting in a McDonalds where I've been sitting for the past hour and a half.


I'm going on Nick D on WGN Radio tonight at 12:30, they told me I could do it over the phone but:

A. That's no fun, I like going into the studio and having Nick D see me in all my glory.
B. There's no way I would stay awake and normal til 12:30AM otherwise.

So I'm sitting here working, did a few hours on the Printer's Row tour, walking in the cold and wind, writing down random thoughts and images, I must look so strange to the casual observer.

I had an interview today and a tour this morning.

My life is changing.

Interviews and later nights and weird tours and random phone calls from funny and strange people...

This ain't no 9-5. I'll tell you what.

Only 3.5 more hours to waste.



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