Wednesday, May 04, 2011


What does a blogger do after Osama has been shot in the head? What is one to do?

It's funny, most of the "personal" bloggers I read didn't even say much. What is there to say?

I only have one really strong opinion on the subject and it's a little meta, so bear with me.

Everyone shut up. Everyone.

See? Yay life philosophies!

Really what I mean is, it bothers me that some are telling others how to feel. Sure, seeing people cheering, with signs and clapping - yeah, that's totally weird and makes me feel weird - but I'm sure as hell not going to look down on that person, my god.

I also don't want to see that Mark Twain quote again from anyone, stop telling me how to feel about this. I think that's great that you don't believe in celebrating someone's death, totally, that seems to be a more peaceful feeling - but don't tell me to feel like that.

I feel everything above, there's a part of me that feels ultra-patriotic, that wants to run through the streets with a sign that says "America will kick your fucking ass you goddamn fucking murderer" and there's a part of me that is humbled and saddened that the military had to walk in a shoot a man in the head. My god.

It's a reaction to death, and we all know that everyone reacts in their own way, so can't we just let each other do that? I want to know how you feel, but please oh god, don't tell me how I should feel.

Anyway, I'm only going to whisper it, but (Obama is a badass mutha y'all).

Okay, no more soapbox.

I gotta go to work.


Kate said...

I heard that quote is actually from Clarence Darrow. Also, I think it's weird how opinionated people are about this. I mostly have a lot of questions ... like, who's gonna be the next Osama? (Yes, my glass is always half full. :))

smussyolay said...

i'd just like to say that for someone who saw someone post the twain post and re-posted it, i'm not telling ANYONE how to feel, i'm conversely saying how *i* feel.

so, that's fine, right? :) in posting something like that, i'm just saying hey... i'm watching this celebration and this is how *i* feel about it.

i am confused about why people keep saying that other people are telling people how to feel. it's when i read the article saying that the people celebrating are *right* to do so and i'm *wrong* for feeling that it's creepy, that i've been told what to feel. i didn't call anyone up in times square and tell them to stop.

you know? maybe i *will* get back into the blogging business. but for now .... stupid survivor to watch that you got me into kind of. gah!

Hixx said...

Smuss, I totally get what you're saying and yes, you're right. Just because you post that doesn't mean you're telling everyone what to do, I get that. It's just...that quote was EVERYWHERE and it felt kind of overwhelming to me.

And no, of course you didn't call anyone in Times Square and tell them to stop, but isn't that essentially what you were saying? Don't feel what you feel, feel this?

And yes, you should be blogging. No doubt about it.

Everyone has an opinion and with FB it sure makes sure we know what everyone's opinion is. Maybe it was just up to me to phase those out and just feel it in my own way.

And maybe it's not so personal either. I'm not attacking you for putting up a quote, but when 250 out of 500 friends post it, it feels like an order.