Monday, May 09, 2011

Alright alright

Time to move in from the Bin Laden post eh?

So...yeah, whew.

The SunTimes piece will be out on Friday those of you that are waiting with baited breath (that could just be me) so I'm excited about that. Doing a river cruise tonight, excited about that too.

Other than that, I've been a little down lately (oh what, you couldn't tell?) and I"m just trying to work through it. Sometimes I feel like I get early spring anxiety. Guh. I'm so lame.

Anyway, John's been working like a freaking monster lately and it's hard, it really is. I don't know how women with children do this. The more he works, the farther apart we get. He doesn't want to hear about my silly day (he does, this is not his fault, but when he comes home at 12AM, my tour with old ladies is not at the top of the list) and I really have nothing to say and it's difficult.

BUT, here's the stupid thing about his stupid job and the stupid Amazing Race.

John's job motivates me almost more than anything else.

And the stupid Amazing Race.

Here's the stupid thing:

Rio De Janeiro is one of the places I WILL see before I die. I will, there is no doubt.

I keep this one on the DL however because I will only go to Rio if we do it up RIGHT. I don't mind backpacking, I prefer it. I wish my whole life could be backpacking. But Rio, Rio is different. I will not be backpacking through Rio. I will do Rio as it should be done, with plenty of extra cash, tan bodies, those freaking awesome drinks they make with the rum and the lime and we're going to do it right.

Last night, after the Race, I got all motivated to make sure that happens for us.

So John's stupid job and my stupid greed to travel the world all fall on my head on a Monday and I wake up raring to go, ready to put this all into action and anxious for it all to happen TODAY.

But that's a good thing. Motivation is motivation, no matter where it comes from.

So pardon me, I have to run, but I'm glad about the girls who won the race, maybe not the most dramatic or exciting, but they ran a solid freaking race and they did a great job.




Erica said...

Yes!! I had the same reaction. You will get there. We're going to get there, too. My God.

You are awesome. I think we need spring drinks to make things better. I miss you. Things are so damn busy I feel like I am just making empty promises these days to my friends, but no more, dammit.

Stay tuned.

Melisa with one S said...

I'm TOTALLY waiting with baited breath for your SunTimes piece! :)

I was not thrilled about the Race winners, but I agree: they ran a good race this time and at least they didn't get stopped by the same stupid thing that stopped them last time. They were MUCH more likable this time around, too, so good for them.

Cheer up. You get to ride in a car today!

Kate said...

My husband has one of those jobs like John. First it was HOB, now this union gig and he works a ton of long, crazy hours. It's not my favorite and, after nearly 10 years together, I don't think I'll ever get used to it, but I accept it. The major perk is that I have all this time to do my own thing, make my own friends, develop my own life outside my marriage. And hey, having the TV to myself for a few hours? Now THAT'S something I can get behind. :)

Hixx said...

Ladies. I love ladies. You guys are all so great. Thank you for the kind words and understanding and not making me feel selfish and childish!

And Kate, there is no doubt about the freedom of television watching available to me.


smussyolay said...

i really, really, really wanted gary and mallory. so, so bad. K and J were my last picks. and was i missing something, but how come we didn't hear shit about this single mom they had until they were just about to win it and then it was like ... oh, no one really digs you, so we'll guilt them into feeling bad about your hard luck story?? am i mean?

i was SO SO mad about the taxi driver!!!!