Saturday, May 14, 2011


Blogspot is back up and running. Thank god, that was an awful few days. Seriously.

So, finally...the Sun-Times piece came out! I'm so happy and relieved. I mean, I figured he wasn't going to diss me, but you just never know. So it's a very nice article and the actual paper is a riot, because it really is ONE WHOLE PAGE. Very cool. I have now had nice write ups in both the Trib and the Sun-Times, that is awesome.

But in classic Hixx, faux-Buddhist style, and this is something I talked with my brother about, that's not why I'm doing this. And not to put it down in ANY WAY, because it is exciting, as soon as I saw it I moved on. I can't let it weigh too much on me and the most important thing is that people start finding out about the tours. The ego stroking is lovely, but it fades quickly and now it's time to book those people into tour spots! Right? RIGHT!

Anyway, that whole thing has had me a bit on edge (in a good way, I swear) so it's nice to have it out.

And there have been more phone calls and requests for info and even a few actual reservations, so...yayayayayayay!

I have not really seen John this week at all. It's quite sad.

But, it is temporary, he won't be this busy forever, and hopefully by the time it's over, I'll be CURAZY busy!

Oh man.


Everyone have a good weekend!

Oh, and remember, you know, Memorial Day Weekend all my tours are FREE! And I got to tell you all, this Redlight District Tour is going to be awesome and hilarious and disturbing and I'm really excited about it, so if you're looking for something fun to do in two weekends???? You know where to go!

Over and out.

Or just out.

Probably not over yet.

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