Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You know...

I forgot to mention that I got totally rained on on my walk to Navy Pier. I showed up to this fancy concierge event in what looked to be very dark jeans. In reality, not so much. My hair, make-up, everything was a mess! But I figured hey, that's who I am. I've decided people want creative people to look like that. It's what makes them stand out.

You like that line of reasoning?

I'm excited today. Happy.

I've been worried about this week for a few weeks (heh) because it's a week of "new" things and important things. I have my first book signing/interview thing on Friday (12:00PM at the Playground! Wanna come? Oh god...) and I had a huge tour group and a smaller one today and a few important interviews and meetings and the rain and oh my god! But it's all turning out okay, I think I'm excited.

Oh, here's one thing - my best friend in the entire universe is changing her life right before my eyes and it is a real hoot to watch. Sabrina works in the box office at Second City and she has definitely given herself to that job. They love her, she loves them and she took the directing class there. Very intensive class. They gave her a couple of gigs and that made her happy. Well now she's been hired to the Assistant Director for the E.T.C. show and holy lawd! My girl. She's so happy. She's working PT at the box office now and spends every other waking hour working...and she couldn't be happier.

And it's been amazing to see someone discover it. To watch her face change before my eyes. To hear her all excited and laughing and there's so much to say she can't tell me it all fast enough. And I just want to release everyone from whatever they're doing that they don't want to do. She's going to be totally broke for a few months, but she is released, honestly, and no matter what happens to her after this, a year or two more at the box office or whatever, she's done. She can't go back. It's already happened to her. She's tasted the fruit of what she's meant to do and regular life just won't suit her anymore.

I know how she feels.

It's really fun, I highly recommend it.


Erica said...

That is beautiful. So so beautiful.

Kate said...

This post made me smile. Thanks, Hixx.

Hixx said...