Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rain, rain, GO AWAY



Stupid rain.

I had a really weird day....I had a big tour this morning and it went well but I just felt a bit off. Not sick, just...off. So then I had to go to Navy Pier to go to a concierge event. Whoo golly. You should see what kind of parties these people I have, I'm telling you. There was food and drinks, from some of the best places in the city, all so the conciergii can give it a taste. It was fun, but it was weird.

Anyhoo, I met a, I guess you could call him a competitor, of mine there. He's a great guy, we met right when I started...somehow, I think he contacted me, anyway, we've talked and emailed and helped each other here and there with things. As John put it, this guy is hunting deer and I'm hunting birds. We're both hunting, but we're not after the same audience at all. So it's neat, we can talk biz and not feel threatened.

And, it made me feel good about something, I have a competitor who is maybe not my favorite person and I've felt badly that I didn't like her, or want to help her, because, I should be buddhist and no competition and all that. But now I know that that's not really it, because this guy is competition for me in his own way and I really like him and am happy to help him when I can and happy to accept his help in return.

So yeah. Nice!

Oh, and I walked in the rain a lot. A LOT. But I'm home now. Don't you worry about me....I got chocolate bunnies, I got almond M&M's, I have chai tea and a pup and The Voice! Right! Anyone gonna watch that?

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