Saturday, April 16, 2011


I'm relishing my Saturdays. Soon I will be giving tours and Saturdays and Sundays won't really be so anymore (again, hopefully).

I've been running outside again a lot. I really enjoy it. Step up my time every week, today I did 50 minutes, about 4.5 miles. It's so freaking sweet. On my long run days I start slow, just jogging, I don't push myself...I just go slow and steady and get lost in my 80's tunes and it's just so great.

Um. I got the book yesterday.

I don't know, I feel SO WEIRD about all this, in the best possible way.

I really don't think it's sunk in at all. I mean, I'm sitting on the couch yesterday, holding the book that I wrote in my hands and well, it was neat but then I just put it down and moved on to something else. I think part of it is, is that this is just an extension of me really. These are thoughts I had in my head and there they are on paper, so it's really like looking at a bound journal or something.

Am I making any sense at all?

Anyway, its here. I want to give them all away, but I can't. I only get 6 to myself and anymore than that I have to pay for (half price, but still), but I want to leave them on the train, leave them at restaurants...


Happy Saturday!

Happy birthday to bro Stu!

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Melisa with one S said...

HELLO??? Send me the specific info about your book so I can tell my readers about it, silly!!! (and so I can buy one!)

Hurry! I want to see it!