Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Oh all that stuff about the book and blah blah, it's much more fun when it's actually AVAILABLE! Yay!

Here it is:

Yay! Now you're all very kind in asking where you can get it, honestly, if you buy it through me I make more money. So if you'd like one, I dunno, we'll figure it out? Send me a check and I'll send you a book? I hadn't thought this through yet. But that might be the best way. And no pressure of course kay?

Anyway, it's fun that it's on Amazon. It's fun that it's a whole book. It's fun that on the side it says "Chicago Comedy" and then a little further down it says "Hicks." I mean, hell yeah! I'm not really sure what happens now, they're setting up some book signings (really??) and I have an "Author's Corner" at the Chicago Improv Festival on the 29th of April. I don't know if anyone will be at these things? So weird.

I took a huge group through the pedway today. I was so nervous, they were a huge group and have booked another tour for next week, so it was imperative that I killed it.

I totally killed it.

You guys, I spent 20 years feeling like an imbecile at my job. I spent 20 years trying so hard to learn to be disciplined, organized, to multi-task, to think critically and logically and honestly? I could never do it. Those last few years at my job as a legal secretary were hard ones. I really was constantly lost, hiding in the corner so someone wouldn't ask me to do something I didn't know how to do.

And suddenly, I'm not a dumbass anymore. I know how to do my job. I have hard days for tours I suppose, but it's nothing like my hard days at work. I'm good at this. I know how to deal in an emergency, I know who to hire to help me and I know my damn business.

I hate thinking of all the ladies (and men) out there who think they're stupid and that they'll always be lost.

Anyway, it's a good day even though it's the crappiest day EVER outside.



Anonymous said...

Congrats Peg! I preordered already. It is just too cool!


Erica said...

I can't wait to read it! Congrats!

And giiiirl, I am SO glad that you found something that makes you feel kickass that you know you can do. Cause you are totally kickass.

Melisa with one S said...

Crap: I OF ALL PEOPLE should have known to get a book directly from you. DANG. I was just so flippin excited that I had to go order it! :)

2011 rocks.

BigHig said...

I'll see you Saturday. Cash in hand.

Hendo said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You're all growed up now!

I want to buy a book. Tell me how much and where/when to pick it up. Done deal.

Dan Izzo said...

That's amazingly awesome Mag-rock! Have Jon set you up with an ecommerce thingy or even an Amazon affiliate link toot sweet. Then we can all buy one and get you some moolah!

DGold said...

If you want the money directly may I buy one Saturday night? YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!! Couldn't be more proud of you, my friend. Go, Joxx!

Kate said...

Hixx, I want one! Let me know where to send a check and I will let you know where to send the book -- feel free to tack shipping prices on my bill.


rebar said...

Hixx - you need to put a link to your book (on Amazon) on the front page of your blog.

Do it!


rebar said...

And/or tell them to email you for a copy, so you get more cash out of it.

I will have a check/cash in hand the next time I see you, because I wants my book!