Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Working Day Off

You ever have one of those?

It's beautiful outside, I'm kind of taking the day off, but I have things to do, small stuff to take care of.

I ran with the dog this morning, I love that. There are parts of it that scare me, like rogue dogs or fast cars or something, but you know, I run very slowly. We're never going that fast but Remo freaking loves it. He prances ahead of me, smiling, prancing...he's so cute and happy. It makes me happy.

The sun is out, I get some email work done in the morning, I take Buddy on another walk, why not. I leave to head to the bank to sign up for the latest "we'll give you money if you come in and sign up for it" stuff. But hey, don't knock it, I won 150$ on one of those Chase things once. I also deposited two big checks for Chicago Elevated that almost top what I made last year as a whole...

I got my eyebrows waxed. They were nutty.

Now I"m at the Starbucks. I have a lot of reading to do....wait....did you hear that correctly? I have a lot of reading to do. For my job. Reading of a Sci-Fi novel, for my job. Okay, just double-checking we all understand that. Poor me, I have to sit here with my low fat cinnamon crunch and read.

Then off to the Walgreens for sundries and the Fleet Feet to spend my $25.00 I built up after buying new running shoes.

Then walking the dog again. Why not.


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