Friday, March 18, 2011


Bokay! How's everybody doing? What's the haps?

I just got the title design for the book today, I like it! I don't know about these things so I'm assuming they know right?

I did catch that the price is going to be 20$! WOW! I can't believe anything I do is worth 20$, that's why all my tours are 15$. Heh.

So this is really it, once I okay the cover, it goes to print! WOWEE!

And I had a friend text me the other day "Hey how cool that you're doing the authors corner for CIF!" That's the Chicago Improv Festival by the by....and I had no idea I was doing an authors corner!

AN AUTHORS CORNER! That's all I've ever freaking wanted in the whole world. And here it is. Woot!

I've definitely been taking things easy these days. It feels like I'm not working, after all the hard work from the book, but I am! I have these Neverwhere tours for the One Book, One Chicago program and that's in early April, so I'm reading reading reading. Also, I have a bunch of private tours these last few weeks of March and a bunch in April, so I'll be getting ready for those. And then I have spring tours to prepare for! More reading, more walking.

And the house is clean and my desk is clean and our finances are in some kind of order and the dog is walked and my head is clear and there have just been some days when I say "I just don't feel like it today" and I push through a little and then cave in a little. Spring is going to be busy, summer (OH GOD HOPEFULLY) will be busy so I figure I might as well enjoy this time off and not feel guilty for being quiet for a little bit.

I'm rocked, as many of us are, by Japan. I don't know why this one affected me so much when my beloved Thailand and Indonesia were ravaged and hundreds and thousands died's something about Japan being capable and rich and able...and it's still such a nightmare.

I'm so scared.

And of course my study in impermanence reigns. None of this matters, my book and tours and dinners and date nights and food and work and money. None of it matters. It could all be gone in a heartbeat. And of course, that's what makes it all matter even more, the book and tours and dinners and date nights...they are all I can do.

I just don't know.

I told John last night, after some serious thinking about how I can use my talents to help someone, anyone, that my real wish is to sell every fucking material thing I own (or hell, give it away, fuck money) and go around the world and fucking help people.

What else matters really?

Wow. That was a happy post and it went kind of downhill there for awhile...sorry....


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Erica said...

I hear you.
That's why I am so floored by my brother effing doing just that. Getting rid of everything, saying goodbye to everyone and moving to Africa. Damn.

I am so impressed with you and your book and I can't wait to read it. You are awesome.

Bring on spring!