Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Busy week

Well well well.

This has been a busy tour week.


This has been the first week since starting the pedway tours that I have had a full week of tours. I give the tour 3 times a week and usually I'll have some for one day and none for the others. This is the first week that I have given tours each day I was supposed to. AND, I had three private tours this week, so by Friday afternoon, I will have given SIX TOURS! Yay. It feels so good to put money in the bank, to make money, to take phone calls, to have more than one person on these tours, oh my goodness, I can't even tell you.

My beloved Chris Guillebeau of the Art of Non-Conformity has been on a roll lately. And this post from him really made me think. He tells about meeting people who started their own businesses who put themselves down because they only made 1$, 2$, 1,000$ their first year. Guillebeau goes on to state that in no way should we put ourselves down for making only a certain amount of money. He tells us we're amazing for making any money on our own. All by ourselves.

I have to admit I shocked myself with how little money I made last year. It hurt kinda, I had this image you know....

But dammit he's right! I made MY money. I made it, myself. No one gave it to me or hired me or gave me a paycheck. I went out into the world and made money by sheer will.

It's much more fun to think of it that way I must say.

And I know this all takes awhile, to build up, I get that. And what's most important to me is that it improves, that it gets better. And it is. As of the end of the this month, I will have made more money than I made all of last year.

So no, I can't support myself on what I make, but I went out there and did it. I made money all by myself, no big fat boss sitting in his office deciding what's best for me.


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Melisa with one S said...

This is your year.

That is all.