Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The iphone

I had to talk about it. It's such a fascinating little creature. I kind of want to eat it. Like candy.

I've been walking around with a five year old cell phone for 7 years now. It was so old, but I held out that I really didn't need to do anything with my phone and that it bothered me that everyone was looking down all the time...

Now I am of that which I hated.

So be it.

I check it all the time. Emails, twitters, Angry Birds...it's just so cute.

And I think it will help in my business, so there is that.

But I pick it up when I only have a moment, to check something, see something important - there's really nothing important there.

I have walked down the street with it out...not paying attention to where I'm going. Now I can see how that lady fell in the fountain.

And all of this while I'm trying to be more present and more aware and to enjoy the quiet moments of nothing to do.

It's just that those birds are SO angry.


Dan Izzo said...

I highly recommend Instagram - it's like twitter with pictures. It's fun and free.

Hixx said...

Oooh, okay, I'll try that Izz! I miss you so much.