Monday, March 07, 2011

Wow y'all

I just was double checking my numbers for 2010.



Maybe tour guide isn't the most lucrative business in the world? Hmm?

I know, I know, first year and all that. And a bum tour besides. That I put all the eggs in the world in. Guh.

Already this year is shaping up to be much better than last. I've already almost made my nut that I made last year. So...

New goals!

New Tours!

Want to know about new tours? Sure, I call myself "off the beaten path" but this year I'm doing tours that please ME, because, well, they turn out to be much better tours.


The Second City/Old Town Tours will be back. Indeed. I love them.

There will also be a:

Dealer's Choice Loop Tour
Standard Loop Architectural Tour, but we see what I want to see that day, or what I want you to see that day. It depends on the group, the weather and my mood. Love it.

Printer's Row Tour
Printer's Row makes my heart sing. Not only is it the playground of the architects who were just learning to build skyscrapers, but it was also the heart of the redlight district at the turn of the century. This tour already gets me excited.

Riverwalk Tour
The boat tours were always my favorite. Not just because of the boat, but the buildings along the river. So what the hell, let's see 'em on foot.

That's it so far. I'll add more I think, but for now, this has me giving at least two tours 5 days a week. So we'll start with this and see what else!



Melisa with one S said...

OMG, so excited! You're definitely going to have to get new shoes with heavy-duty soles.

Hixx said...

Oh seriously, my Payless shoes aren't going to cut it this time around.