Thursday, March 10, 2011


So yeah, my back still hurts. It sucks. I went to the massage lady, she pinpointed it alright. She was massaging and rubbing and got to it, I flinched and she said "It's alive isn't it?" She couldn't have put it a better way. I don't know what else to do about it, I don't want it to get worse and if it just sits and hurts all the time, then it's not getting better.

Acupuncture? Anyone? Would that help something like this?

Anyways, no more P90X, I guess I'm just too old.

So, I've been running a bunch more, on the treadmill for now - and walking. I walk really fast on that thing, like the professional walker people.

And then I do pilates or some weights. Generally I've been treating myself really well, hoping the pilates would help build up that muscle. But...still hurts. Ergh.

On Monday I downloaded a food diary app for my IPHONE. I've been hearing all my life that I should keep a food diary, but it's just so handy on the iphone, I didn't do it until this week.

What a revelation man. Seriously. It makes me much more conscious about what I'm eating and then, AND THEN, I found myself wanting to lie to it! Oh, I don't need to put that cookie on there....not really...

Like, um, WHO AM I LYING TO? Who am I trying to impress? It just really reiterated that my food consumption is about something else altogether.

It helps, it really does. I've been even or under since I started and it has literally stopped me from eating too many cookies. I have someone to answer to now...

I'm so old.


Kate said...

That's exactly why I've never been able to stick with a food diary! I lie. Every single time. WTF is that about? *sigh*

Crescent said...

what does it feel like? Joint problem or like a muscle tear? I feel like I have one of those too but it only hurts when I touch it.

Melisa with one S said...

I'm not sure how long your back has been bothering you, but especially w/ all the running and stuff you're still doing, I would recommend taking Advil/ibuprofen daily for a while. That tends to help healing along, especially if there's something swollen back there that you don't know about, that's causing some of the pain: the swelling will decrease and help the pain go away too!

(and try to take it easy when you can, dude!) :)

DGold said...

You should talk to Robyn. She's had a lot of ailments but is an avid worker outer (does acupuncture, etc). She may be able to help. And you know yoga has done wonders for her so maybe that's good for you to get back into again? Sorry your back is such a prob. I feel for you, my friend.