Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bring it

I remember the blizzard of 79. Whew, that was something. As I remember...

I remember that blizzard in whatever it was, 92 or something? 98? right after New Years, I didn't have anywhere to go, it was fine.

But whooooeeee! One of the biggest on record ever? Whooooeee!

I went to the Target today to get supplies, most everything is picked over - eggs, milk, bread, all produce basically gone. So weird. But I got pizzas and chocolate chips and a big bone for Buddy, so we're fine. I'm going to make John watch Two Towers tonight while candles flicker.

I just got back (it's 1:36 now) from taking Remo on a long, long walk, I figured we better get it in now, and I could feel the winds shift, right in the middle of the walk, I felt the storm. It was cool.

I have nowhere to be - I'm supposed to have a tour tomorrow, but my one scheduled person is fine with a cancellation if need be - other than that, I have nowhere to be until Thurs night.

I have a book to write.

Pictures to look at.

Movies to watch.

Food to make.

Dogs to kiss.

Husbands to cuddle.

Bring on the storm, bring it on, just don't make it so my cable goes out. Now THAT would suck.

Good luck everyone, be safe.


Hendo said...

yeah, we had no cable from 9:30pm until 3:30pm today. Plus no electricity, no heat, no hot water... spent most of the day at an emergency warming station.

Hixx said...

Hendo! that sucks. I'm so sorry. We've been without cable for days, but at least we've been warm!