Monday, January 31, 2011


Here is the podcast of the interview with Kogan, it's pretty fun and I'm happy with it! And you get to hear Kogan's voice which is most of the awesome.

Now, let's get on to something way more important than podcasts, blizzards, Chicago or ANYTHING else.

I have found out something awesome as hell.

See, since Heath died I have been on a search for my Hollywood boyfriend. Men have almost made it, gotten close: Ryan Gosling (I have not seen Blue Valentine yet, but I'm planning on this week, so we'll leave this one up in the air for now), Justin Timberlake....Anthony Bourdain.

But they just, don't quite make it. It's hard to beat Heath in terms of everything Hollywood boyfriend-like and I'm in no rush to replace him.

But I read the back of the Redeye this morning and ..... well.....let's just say it's good news. May I introduce you to the new Superman?

Whew. Seriously, right? The hair, the upcurl in the lips...I mean seriously.

I used to watch Mr. Cavill in the Tudors but he hasn't done much besides that. I can't have a Hollywood boyfriend who is not in Hollywood. Right?

But I think maybe 80% of why I watched The Tudors was to see Mr. Cavill strut his handsome stuff. I was worried I may not ever seem him again, but now, but now he fills the tights of one of my oldest Hollywood boyfriends, Christopher Reeve.

I'm not saying that I have a Hollywood boyfriend again, but this is the closest we've come in a long while.

Nice to see you here Henry, hopefully there will be more days for you on Chicago Stories.

See how happy he is?

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