Monday, January 10, 2011

Poor Me!

I have a cold y'all! A cold! And its not even a real cold, it's a little stupid cold that just makes me feel icky enough to not want to do anything and make myself stay real warm.


John used to wish that we would get sick together. He had romantic visions of us helping each other and lying on the couch together. Well, now it's happened and it's not nearly that romantic. Much like the time he wanted me to help him paint because it was going to be so cute and we would get little paint dots on our noses....but what really ended up happening is I spilled paint all over, got frustrated and left the room.

Ah marriage.

I'm reading The Jungle again, I don't know why, it is seriously the most depressing book in all of everything, but it was on my shelf and I needed a book and that's how it all happens...

Anyway, in The Jungle they're always so sick, so so sick, coughing up blood and having babies and going back to their "post" the next day. Today I had to walk down the street and I thought I was going to die.

I'm such a wuss.

But John is making homemade mac and cheese for his wife, we have movies galore lined up. I'm going to do a little more work (MARTYR!) and then head for the couch and the dog and the mac and cheese.

Okay, maybe it's a little nice taking care of my husband whilst he takes care of me.



wafelenbak said...

Feel better, Hixx & co!

Hendo said...

I have run into that "couple's sickness" wall a few times myself. Here's the problem... I almost always end up with women who are like me... we're care-takers, but HORRIBLE about letting people take csre of us.

So not only is it a shit-storm of conflict when ONE of us is sick, but when BOTH are sick? Fuggedaboudit. Here's the scenario. I'm feeling shitty, but trying to make chicken soup (or whatever) to feed to my sick mate, who wants me to shove that soup up my ass, but wants me to take whatever medicine they bought at the store that I don't want to take.

So we end up basically bitching at each other to let us take care of the other while simultaneously telling them to take their care-bags and pound sand.

Oh, it's a vicious cycle ending only in tears and/or improved health.