Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gettin' it done

Ew, I just had to call a talent agency in LA. That's so weird. I feel like a little corn girl with a bucket in my hand askin' if I can come on in and see the big Hollywood stars!

It's for the book, we'll see what happens.

All feeling better in this house. We sat on the couch for 4 days. It was harder than you might think. By the time John left for work this morning we were like "yeah okay bye!" Ha. Actually, we got along quite well and totally helped each other and I think secretly enjoyed being together and with the dog. But both happy to be done with it too. Like a good vacation...

My head is spinning at all times. There is much to do and of course, we're taking care of Muffy the dog for the next two weeks - hell, who couldn't use more distraction these days?

Time flies these days. Quickly.

Shit, it's already 5.

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