Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Oh Tony Horton, how I've missed you and your cheesy way of counting down.

How I've missed the early morning knee-slaps and warmups.

How my body hurts every moment of the day now, chest and back yesterday, plyo today, I cannot feel my butt Mr. Horton, does that please you?

I've missed how P90X takes over and you think about it even when you're not doing it.

I've missed knowing that I worked my ass off (literally) for at least one hour of the day and I don't need to do much more than that.


It feels good to be doing it again, reminded once more how silly those exercise videos are, how good they are at keeping you "just enough" in shape to keep going. After my 1st P90X yesterday I thought - well that wasn't as bad as I remember, just long...then last night around 10PM I felt the requisite tightness, the aching and I woke up this morning to full on abs and chest aches, but I can't! I have Plyometrics today! It matters not about aching arms and abs when jumping up and down for 50 minutes.


It does feel good to be moving, to be pushing it a bit, to give it my all for just a little bit and then to let it go. This time I know what to expect, I know that this massive pain will go away in a few weeks and by March I'll be at least twice as buff as I am now.


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