Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lady Friendship

I've found a group of ladies who I've become pretty good friends with. One new friend, one older friend, one really old friend. We all sort of realized we each knew the others and we had a bright idea of having a ladies night one night.

It was really fun, we've done it a bunch of times since then.

And I was telling John the other night that I really dig this little group. I like to think I have lots of friends, I really do, I'm lucky. But most of the friends I have are all friends with my other friends. This makes things really handy. But it is very ... set in it's ways or something. I dunno. I love it, don't get me wrong, my buddies that I hang with on a regular basis are awesome, that's why I hang with them.

But this group of ladies, well, they're all mine. Sure, some of them are friends with other friends, but they don't go out drinking really, or hang out. This little group, these are MY friends. I'm not friends with them through other friends, you know what I mean? I found them. All by myself.

It's really great and when we get together we just tell each other EVERYTHING and the worst stories and the best stories and it's just that group of women that disturbs whatever restaurant they walk into by laughing their asses off. You would hate us if you had to sit with us while you were eating. But trust me, we're freaking hilarious.

I just wanted to acknowledge a little gratitude.


smussyolay said...

yay. i have a group of friends that makes restaurant patons hate us, but i wish i had a nice group of lady friends.

where do you karaoke? is it something you do on the reg?

Hixx said...

We love karaoke! We're going tomorrow to Spyners, that's where we go.

you're welcome to come on by, although, I'm hoping my old lady back doesn't ruin the evening and not let me go.