Monday, January 17, 2011


whatever. I had my first real "no" involved with the book today and it SUCKS! Who says no to me? Who does? How could you say no to a fabulous person like myself? If you do everything awesomely, people are not supposed to say no to you. It's in the book. Look it up.

I was upset this morning (I asked a "well known" person to write a forward for the book) but I'm not now. Who knows why someone would not do a very simple thing for an excellent person. But there must be reasons.

And then I started to laugh at myself because one person, who I dont' even know, said no, when A BAJILLION other people have said yes in a BAJILLION other ways. You can't worry about the one no. You just can't. I can't. What a waste.

So I'll step it up to the next on the list.

Anyone know anyone famous?



Mental P Mama said...

Well now I'm all mad, too.....The nerve.

Hixx said...

Right? For petes sakes...

No matter, I have already moved on! Who needs 'em?

Melisa with one S said...

OMG, at least you GOT the no. Closure. I asked not one, but TWO very famous people (remind me next time we talk and I'll tell you the story!) and didn't get the dignity of a reply, at all. Grr.