Friday, January 14, 2011

I started

Well, I've written the first 2000 words of the book! Yay! In classic Hixx style, the writing comes last in the book production. For petes sakes, there's so much else to do, interviews and picture hunting and form making, I kept wondering when I was actually going to write this damn thing.

So I've started and so I can finish.

I sat last night, dead set on writing something and I sat down, stared at the big blank page and got really excited. Right now, there's no book describing Chicago's history of comedy, in a month and a half, there will be. Right out of nowhere, like a baby. It's very cool.

I love writing this book, I love all the little jobs involved with it, I love taking it one step at a time, I love talking to the people I'm talking to and I love going away to "write."

From nothing I will create something and no matter who writes more books on Chicago and comedy, none of them will be like my book, none of them will be coming from my brain, from my experiences, from my heart.

It's exciting.

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