Sunday, December 19, 2010


I have finally found the joy of working in a coffeeshop. It really is fun and I am more focused. I love working at home, but now with the dog home, there really is a lot I can waste my time with at home. Out at the coffeeshop, I can sit and look out the window for a minute, but then I go back to what I was doing. And I found a really warm one right by my house and there's not a ton of people here and they have really good tea.

It's all very romantic.

So, I lost not one single pound in India. Seriously, not even one pound. Everything in India is fried potato, and not in a good way, but in a really heavy oil/butter kind of way. It's actually kind of gross, the first thing we ate when we came home were HUGE salads. I never crave huge salads, so that's how you know.

My pants are feeling a little tighter.
My body is a little jigglier than usual.

I haven't gone out running in more than a month and was definitely taking it easy up until India and I've been doing a lot of yoga and pilates, so not much sweating really.

This morning I felt so logey and tired, I knewo it in my bones, I knew it like when you know you're really thirsty, it was time for me to sweat. I took all the Burningman boxes off the treadmill and hopped on, GOD, it felt so good. Seriously people, we are supposed to sweat. This is life. Deal with it.

My plan is start P90X after the 1st of the year again. It's such a good winter workout, it makes me sweat like a bear and it shows results. By the time I'm done it will be the end of March and spring will be here again. It's like me watching the extended version of Avatar on the plane to make time go faster.

But this morning just reminded me how much SWEATING exercise can do for me. I love doing more yoga and pilates, I do, they make me stronger - I have no doubt about that. But there's something to stamping out your monkey thoughts and having them roll down your face and on to the treadmill rubber that makes me feel awesome.

Survivor Sunday tonight everyone. Time to blow my run with something delicious for dinner.

And this ultimately, is why I exercise, so I can eat pizza on Survivor Sunday.



smussyolay said...

my other couple friend who went to india said when they came home, they salad-ed it up!! so, you're not alone in that.

you're working in a coffeeshop? how/where/when? i need to get a JOB, people! i need to keep my mind open to things. do you have to get up at some ridiculous time, though?

see, i'm already not willing. :/

Anonymous said...

Hey Smuss

yeah - working 5 half-days a week. Most days I'm in at 6 which is tough but it gives John the house to himself in the morning which I know he likes. The dirty secret is (as you know) that I HATE coffee. Ah well you do what you have to do. Swing down some time and I'll comp you some stale de-caff in a dirty cup.


Hixx said...

Smuss, do not listen to the man behind the anonymous signature! THAT IS NOT ME! Ha ha babe.

I am not working in a coffeeshop, I just mean that I am working on a computer in someone else's coffeeshop.